The Kinder Co is a monthly membership that provides KINDERGARTEN teachers the ability to CHOOSE what professional development and printable resources they need to be the best teachers they can be. 




Pay just $10 the day you join and then $19 on the first of each month you are a member. 

Get immediate access to our Professional Development Library filled with hours of PD made specifically for kindergarten teachers by industry experts.  Immediately (and each month you are a member) pick a resource from Kreative in Kinder and/or Simply Kinder (2 in resources in total) to use in your classroom. 




As a member, each month you will be given 2 tokens to shop from a wide selection Kreative in Kinder and/or Simply Kinder resources.  You know what is going on best in your classroom, so we let YOU CHOOSE what resources you need. 

Resources in our printable library relate to the professional development sessions and so they will support you in your new learning.  



Our sessions are MADE FOR KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS.  We use experts in the field who customize their session to be uniquely for kindergarten.

Each session is about an hour in length and includes a certificate of completion. Our professional development library is ever growing and currently include sessions from Dr. Jean, Harry Kindergarten, Dan St. Romain, Mary Amoson, Emily Gibbons, and Crystal Radke to just name a few.  As of 3/1/20 we have 18 sessions to pick from and as a member you get first access the new videos.  

You choose the sessions that you need as a professional. 



Stay connected with other teachers that get it. As a member you have access to our private Facebook Group. 

You will also get a weekly emails with tips to keep you aware of the many Kinder Co Resources available to you.