As educators with over 30 years combined experience, we understand the demands of this career and how you are stretched way too thin! And that’s exactly why they created The Kindergarten Collaborative. We recognize teachers need:


      ☑️   expert driven learning

      ☑️   teacher lead conversations

      ☑️   practical and engaging resources

      ☑️   accessible professional development 


When you join TKC, you are welcomed by supportive teachers just like you who all bring their expertise to the table.  The REALITY is that we will help you find the professional balance you are missing. You will be inspired, encouraged and renewed. Let’s go on this journey together!

Hi y’all. I am Crystal Radke from good ole’ Waco, TX. No, I do not know anyone famous who lives here (wink, wink). You may know me from Kreative in Life or Kreative in Kinder on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I’ve held numerous roles in education, from instructional aide to author, educator and speaker. After teaching kindergarten for several years, I left the classroom to grow my consultant business because I wanted to encourage and inspire teachers just like you. My current role allows me to travel around the country, speaking at conferences and teaching professional development. I spend time with thousands of kindergarten teachers each year and let me tell you, I HEAR you. We created the Kindergarten Collaborative to not only give you the training you need but to provide the resources you need to implement changes in your classroom while continuing to support you, month after month. We are here for YOU!

My greatest role is being a wife and mom. Nick has been my person since High School (let’s not put a number on that, ha) and we have four adopted children ages 22, 20, 18 and 1. I’ve raised children that have survived trauma and have been labeled with every acronym you could imagine. The hard kid in your class, that was one of my lovies at five years old, so I get it. I can’t wait to support you and together we can change the face of education.  

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Hi.  I am Jennifer Kadar and you may know me from Simply Kinder.  I am a teacher of 14 years with most of those years being in kindergarten.  We believe kindergarten should be developmentally appropriate, academic, and most importantly, fun!  

Creating The Kindergarten Collaborative was super important to me because ALL TEACHERS should have access to quality professional development.  Professional development is expensive, getting days out of the classroom is difficult, and we are ALREADY learning so much from each other online.  I am excited to team to guide that process so ALL teachers FINALLY get access to these types of opportunities.  

I am also a wife to Andy and a mom to two sweet boys.  I do my best, but adulting is definitely harder than I thought!

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