Cancellation and Refund Policy

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We want you to be happy with your choice to join The Kindergarten Collaborative (The Kinder Co). If you any questions or concerns with your membership, please email us at

All memberships will automatically renew on the 1st of every calendar month.

Cancellations: If you decide The Kindergarten Collaborative (The Kinder Co) is not for you, you can CANCEL at any time.

If you cancel, your plan will expire on the last day of your paid billing month and you will no longer have access to The Kindergarten Co dashboard and all of the content on The Kindergarten Co website. (Please be sure to download your certificates of completion AND printables before your program ends).

Access to our private Facebook group will end on the day you cancel your membership, not at the end of your billing cycle.  When you cancel, you immediately lose access to our private Facebook group.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you cancel your account before the billing cycle renews if you no longer wish to continue your membership.


  • Go to MY ACCOUNT in the upper right hand corner
  • At the bottom it says CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION NOW
  • Confirm you want your subscription cancelled

You membership will be valid until the end of your payment period.  At that time you will lose access to our system including downloads and certificates.  Please be sure to download anything you need so you can access it after your membership is finished.

If you cancel your membership and choose to restart it at a later date, you will be considered a new member again and all content from your original membership will not be accessible.

Refunds: The Kindergarten Collaborative (The Kinder Co) is all about learning, working together, and online support so it is not a tangible product that can be returned.

Hence, due to the nature of the service The Kindergarten Collaborative (The Kinder Co) provides, there will be no refunds made for any membership fees already paid. This includes but is not limited to not having the time to participate, not having access to participate, not wanting to participate in a particular month’s topic, and not accessing the dashboard or participating in the social discussions on Facebook. If you wish to discontinue our membership, we will gladly cancel your membership (see above).